Ammon Cunningham Give Tips on Building Your Brand



Building a successful brand is without a doubt top three most important aspects of being a profitable entrepreneur. Your brand is the means by which you communicate your message, services, and most importantly your value, to your customers. It is your entire identity in the eyes of the public. Some brands have seen major success with such simple products (Starbucks) while others have gone obsolete in more complex industries (Circuit City). With Ammon Cunningham’s tips on building your brand image, you will be able to create a successful and memorable brand that fits you and your product.

The first step to brand building is definition. Defining your brand is articulating what it stands for. That is why this is the most important step in the process. If you don’t know what you are about, what your mission, values, services, and culture are, how can your customers know? Figure out what the core strength(s) of your business is and list them. Determine what value your brand brings to society and how that brand contributes to a consumer’s most important elements-economically, socially, and environmentally.


After you have defined your brand, determine what makes it different. The purpose of differentiating your brand from the competition is to create attention to your business. This goes beyond a cute logo and bold colors. Create a unique advantage or impact that will last with your consumer base. You want to be able to position your brand in a way that garners attention and retention with your customers. In order to build a competitive advantage over your competition, you have to understand your industry and your audience. The best brands have a thorough understanding of both.

The final step to brand building is promotion. Spreading awareness about your company and product is vital to the long run success of your brand. Using channels like social media, forums, and blogs can really help to bolster attention to your company.  Let these channels be the platform that you use to keep reinforcing why people should buy into your company’s values and your brand personality.

Brand building is not a concise science. There is no one size fits all template that can be used for all companies. That is why Ammon Cunningham believes it is important to really dedicate time to building your brand. Even over time you will need to review it. Industries are constantly changing and that means businesses need to learn to adapt. Following these steps to brand building can help you create the best brand image for you going forward.

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