Relax, Reward, Reflect: An Entrepreneurs Survival Guide for the Holidays

Welcome to the wonderful world of owning a business during the holiday season. While both owning a business and the holidays are stressful in their own right individually, when you marry the two, it can be unbelievably overwhelming. With the demands from family and your business pulling you in all different directions, it can be easy to lose yourself in the fray.

There is a saying that once appeared in the TV show, A Different World that goes “Relax. Relate. Release.”  Entrepreneurial advisor, Ammon Cunningham, has adapted that simple phrase to help entrepreneurs make it through the holiday season: Relax. Reward. Reflect.

For the hard working individual, you may be thinking, “What is relaxation? I haven’t achieved that state of mind in years!” Well, you should start. Being stressed is a natural part of life, but how you handle it is up to you. Constantly being in a state of panic or rushing will only hurt your business and you in the long run. Breathe, smile, laugh, do whatever it takes to truly enjoy the holiday season.

Don’t forget all the little people who help make your business a success. Aside from rewarding yourself, reward those who help make your business a success throughout the year. This doesn’t have to just be financial bonuses, but simple gestures throughout the holiday season, like great a holiday party or year-end awards. Your employees also have to suffer through the holiday season and balance their demands as well. Try to boost morale and spread holiday cheer while also letting your employees know you genuinely appreciate their hard work.

At the end of the day, it’s the bigger picture that matters. You are a running a business to support yourself or your family. Your family supports your decision to run your business. Don’t try to keep the two separate or constantly at odds. Reflect on how well your business is doing, how great things are going, and how much love you have from your family. Keeping those little positives in the back of your mind can help greatly in the long-run when the business starts getting hectic.

Things will get out of hand. Things will get hectic. You will be stressed. It’s all a part of the business. Keeping this simple motto, “Relax, Reward, Reflect”, in the back of your mind will help you survive this holiday season as an entrepreneur.

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